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100% PURE Whey Protein Concentrate Totally Pure & Undenatured Best UK Price

100% PURE Whey Protein Concentrate Totally Pure & Undenatured Best UK Price

100% PURE Whey Protein Concentrate Totally Pure & Undenatured Best UK Price

Undoubtedly The UK's Greatest 100% WHEY PROTEIN DEAL! 100% PURE Whey Protein Concentrate - NOTHING Else Added Or Taken Away! Here's what it's all about (the short version). This is the REAL THING! I'm talking about 100% Whey Protein...

Not even an instantising agent! Our competitors will hate us for this! Read on for the full details! Want the CHEAPEST 100% PURE Whey in the UK Right Now? Welcome to the best 100% whey protein deal online! If you're like us, you probably sick of one or both! 2 Paying too much for your addiction to whey protein! Either way - this listing is for you. IMPORTANT: this is PURE Whey straight from the dairy factory! NOT even instantising agent (which is usually soy). 100% Whey Concentrate (80% pure protein) with VERY high aminos to build serious, quality muscle! Before we explain WHY we're practically giving it away at this price today, let me tell you more about how this amazing mu scle-building powder is made! A little background: Whey is produced all over the World, from American to Australasia, but in our opinion Europe is about the best place to get high quality whey. Com, we scoured the best dairy companies in Europehunting (Psycho-Style) in three of Europes top whey producing nationsand settled on one particular company to have our whey produced for us. With an outstanding track-record, and with a huge financial backing meaning they dont cut corners like some other whey producers. They produce the best quality whey we could find. How its made: its a long, expensive process to get this high-level, loaded with goodness whey which you're learning about today... This'raw ingredient' isnt cheap stuff. They use top quality sweet cheese whey as the'raw ingredient' to make our whey. The sweet cheese whey that's used to make our protein powder is already loaded with high quality amino acids, proteins and'growth factors' that are ready to give you outlandish, psycho-like results.

OK, so with the raw materials ready, our manufacturers then move onto the next step... We then use a high-technology process called ultra-filtration.

Which is frankly LOADED with growth factors and amino acids to give you the results you want. We take out the crapand give you the muscle-building and body-transforming MEAT! The ultra-filtrated protein is then converted into powdered form making it easy for you to digest, handle and store. PURE 100% Whey All this fancy manufacturing ensures the whey product we are giving you comes out as PURE as possible.

No half-good whey protein here! The result is a PURE Whey Protein Concentrate, with a minimum of 80% protein on a dry basis. You get a whopping 24g of protein per 30 gram serving thats a full 80% protein content. This is NOT a blend! This is when a company BLENDS their whey protein with other proteins, such as vegetable proteins.

Our Psycho Whey is PURE WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE. No added this or added that. ZERO other proteins - EXCEPT WHEY! Fact is, it takes a massive 35KG of sweet cheese whey to actually produce just 1KG of Psycho Protein Whey Protein Concentrate!

Such is the purity of protein and concentration we insist on and its worth it to get this highly-concentrated protein that can transform your body and let you wreak havoc in the gym. (Even though we go through 35KG of sweet cheese whey just to get you 1KG of Psychos Best 80% Pure Whey Protein Concentratewe believe its worth it to get this highly-absorbable and pure level of protein with high-levels of muscle-building nutrients).

Heres a quick diagram to show you a rough-outline of how our Psychos Whey is made from start to finished product. THE RESULT: A Serious-as-onions PURE WHEY that is stacked full of GROWTH HORMONES and AMINO ACIDS that build serious muscle... And help drop serious fat! Yes, our whey is chocked-to-over-loading with TOP QUALITY AMINO ACIDS.

In case youre unaware, amino acids are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to your training. People only take whey because of the amino acids it contains.

And here's something we have NOT added: like many others, we've not added ANYTHING ELSE. No soy, no nothing else. Nope - it's not expensive.. And quite frankly, we like to make our competition SQUEAL like the pathetic little piglets that they are!

Our Psycho's 100% Whey Protein Concentrate for less! That's why we're offering up this CRAZY DEAL today. To help get our name out there. And, to help you get the best physique possible!

And if you want more - that's fine. You can choose 2KG or 5KG - and save even more! This is mad pricing folks! Once you get this PURE WHEY working for you - you'll start getting results you can notice in the mirror.

Don't be surprised if your shirts start to get tighter. And don't be surprised if other people start noticing you're'bulking up'. That's what happens when you use a quality 100% WHEY PRODUCT like this.

A word on our FLAVOURS.. We used some of the UK's top flavour technologists to develop our flavours. Standard' flavours weren't good enough.

You see, we wanted our flavours to be.. And by golly - they are! You'll love downing this mass gainer!

And you'll be in love with our Bonkers Banana flavour... Our Crazy-Good Chocolate Cream, or our Slasher Strawberry cream.

Now we also have CHOCOLATE MINT and Cookies and Cream too! They all taste superb and will leave you clamouring for more-more-more! Simply choose the flavour you prefer from the drop-down box above. We recommend 3 servings per day for the best possible'mass-gaining' results. Simply add water or milk (milk is TASTIER), shake and drink immediately. We usually process your order the same-day, if received by 12pm (lunch-time). Here at PsychoProtein, we price in a'mad' and'psycho-low' fashion. But our prices may not be this low forever - especially because of this special deal price here today! As such, we'd strongly suggest ordering today to ensure you get your order to us in time for this offer!

I think you'll like'Psycho Mass Gainer' - and the results it's going to give you! We like to sell at crazy-low prices because were here to shake up the nutrition and supplement industry forever! Were mad about good nutrition too and we're also mad about getting YOU into the best shape of your life! Well do everything we can to ensure you become (and stay) a satisfied customer here at.

Best Regards, Hannibal Kruger, Head Psycho pictured! MAD LOW PRICES with our'Psycho' Style Pricing! PUREST 100% QUALITY PRODUCTS GUARANTEED!

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100% PURE Whey Protein Concentrate Totally Pure & Undenatured Best UK Price